It’s not a secret for anyone the huge impact social media has on our lives in the present, and how it has become a very powerful and adaptable tool for brands and individuals looking for a connection with people.

That’s why we’re always trying to find new ways to get more instagram followers, not just for big numbers but to engage with our audience and do something productive and relevant with our results.

Here are a few tips & tricks that could come in handy if you want to spice up your social media marketing skills and know how to gain followers on instagram:

Free Instagram followers

1.- Create your own hashtag and share it with the world: find a key word that make people feel connected with your content and promote it everywhere, not just on instagram. Do whatever is needed to reach your audience; you can use it in all your social media profiles, email campaigns, websites and advertising. Free followers on instagram are hard to find.


2.- Be creative when tagging time comes: it’s ok to use the typical hashtags that identify your brand and products, but you can go further and make people see things in a different way. Do your homework: search, analyze and use hashtags about the more trending and relevant subjects.


3.- Take your bio onto the next level: you need to take advantage of your profile in every possible way, and the links on it are a very powerful tool. Change them frequently, guiding the traffic towards more actual or popular content.


4.- Write coherent and descriptive captions: a well-told story builds more engagement and a sense of belonging between your content, your audience and you. That way people will stay connected and related with whatever you share with them.


5.- Find the influencers of your area of action and reach them: interact with them, attract them with your content and your audience will get bigger; maybe you could even find free followers on instagram!


6.- Avoid embarrassing and difficult moments, learn your account configuration basics: if you don’t want any undesired photos or tags in your profile you can change your account options to hide them from the public eye, totally controlling the quality of the content you offer.


7.- Build your own and distinctive style: in a world where people feel the need to fit in, it’s a must to stand out. Your style must be unique and easy to recognize; find out what makes you different and transform it into your personal trademark.

8.- Do your research: study location hashtags in the surroundings and the areas you feel are related to your content, that way it’s easier to know what’s going on around you and you will discover more ways to stay connected with your .


9.- “Call to action” is the key: find clever and genuine methods for your content to be shared by your audience, make them spread the word in different ways.